7 Best Paintballs – Review and Buying Guide 2023

Best Paintballs

Nothing is more interesting than sneak attacking your friend with a paintball. Paintball lets you enjoy a moment to the fullest and ensure you can improve your target locking and shooting skills without harming anyone. Most paintballs are integrated with dual shells and weather resistance that decrease the chance of paint spillage.

Furthermore, modern units are made up of TPU rubber that can be reused over time and requires less maintenance. This article offers the 7 best paintballs based on weather resistance, hassle-free maintenance, exceptional accuracy, flexibility, and versatility, along with a detailed buying guide.

List of 7 Best Paintballs

1GI Sportz XBALL Paintballs – Most Accurate Paintballs

GI Sportz XBALL Paintballs

GI Sportz XBALL Paintballs are one of our top recommendations when looking for the best paintballs. Designed with bright colors and sturdy shells, they are less prone to damage. So, you can use them in a variety of conditions without any problem.

We strongly advise using them for recreational shooting because of their eccentric outlook and funky vibe. Apart from this, they can also be used for scenario games and other related activities, thanks to their easily washable nature. Just wipe the paint with a clean cloth, and you are done.

You can use them with a .68 caliber gun because of the high compatibility between both substances. This helps in maintaining the ball’s durability and prevents it from breaking inside the paintball gun or in the air. Hence, ultimately improving your performance while hitting the target.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Precise
  • Large amount
  • Packaging issues

GI Sportz XBALL Paintballs are versatile and offer exceptional velocity adjustments. Furthermore, 500 balls are available at an extremely reasonable price and can be used for practice purposes. However, consumers report various packaging issues that might lead to cracking.

2Valken Graffiti Paintballs – Best Paintballs For The Money

Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Valken Graffiti Paintballs are high-quality products available in the market at cost-effective rates. Durable in nature, they are manufactured specifically for pro players and are perfect for speedball and woodsball. Furthermore, these balls are weather resistant and are not prone to damage due to external factors.

So, you can use them in the rain and intense heat, and they won’t blow up because of such conditions. Similarly, their sturdiness can be witnessed from the ability to remain unscathed. They won’t burst even when accidentally dropped on the floor.

However, you do not need to worry about their performance. We assure you they will split up when hitting the target with increased force. We absolutely appreciate this attribute of the item, which makes it different from others of its kind. Thus, we highly recommend them for daily use.

  • Versatile
  • Extremely accurate
  • Maximum visibility
  • Non-biodegradable

Valken Graffiti Paintballs are suitable for those that prefer enhanced precision with less maintenance. The object is coated with an anti-staining layer, which protects it from getting dirty. Thereby relieving you from the troubles of regular cleaning.

3 Valken Infinity Paintballs – Best Paintball To Use

Valken Infinity Paintballs

Valken Infinity Paintballs are our ultimate recommendation for all picky consumers. Constructed using high-quality materials, it would never disappoint you in terms of performance. Hence, offering you reliable performance while hitting the target.

The outer strong covering of the paintball reduces the chances of breakage and makes it suitable for long-term use. Additionally, the consistency of the object is attributed to its accurate shooting abilities. Thus, enabling it to travel in a straight line without exerting much effort.

The balls are constructed using pink colors, which makes them stand out among others. This, coupled with the vibrant design of the material, enhances its suitability for recreational activities, including scenario shooting and competitions, and adds five stars to its performance.

  • Perfect for woodsball
  • Remarkable packaging
  • Less prone to cracking
  • Residual oil film

Valken Infinity Paintballs display extraordinary packaging. Cardboard dividers have been integrated into the system to prevent the balls from colliding. This, in turn, protects them from breaking and bursting. Thereby preventing the paint from spilling out.

4 Umarex T4E Premium Paintballs

Umarex T4E Premium Paintballs

Umarex T4E Premium Paintballs are second to none in terms of performance and efficiency. These materials are constructed using durable components that protect them from spillage even during extreme weather conditions. Thereby relieving you from the concerns of damage during shipping.

Another prominent characteristic of these paintballs is the standard size which is compatible with .43 caliber barrels. This enables you to shoot the target with utmost accuracy and precision without missing even a single shot. Thus, offering you a reliable trajectory in the long term.

Although it is not the standard size for most paintball guns, we assure you would not feel disappointed in this regard. Instead, it can increase the versatility of the unit by increasing its suitability for recreational play, shooting competitions, and above all, for practice purposes.

  • Bright colors
  • Multiple options
  • Less maintenance
  • Expensive

Umarex T4E Premium Paintballs are a great option for all the pros and beginners out there. Despite their high price, these paintballs enjoy high market demand due to their eye-catching construction and remarkable accuracy. Hence, they are our ultimate recommendation for all the fun lovers.

5 Loader Basic Training Paintballs – High Quality Paintball

Loader Basic Training Paintballs

Loader Basic Training Paintballs are one of the best paintballs available in the market these days. The object is renowned for its enhanced versatility and cost-effectiveness. 500 balls are available at an extremely low price that is perfect for those that can not afford premium products.

The increased amount allows you to use them for practicing purposes. The outer shell displays decent durability and prevents the ball from bursting out in the case of an accidental fall. So, you do not need to worry about paint spillage during shipping or maintenance issues.

Similar to their previously mentioned counterparts, they are also compatible with .68 caliber guns. So, you can use them for wood shells and practicing competitions. We highly advise considering them as a potential option if you are a beginner and do not have much experience.

  • Increased precision
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Vibrant colors
  • Deformation

Loader Basic Training Paintballs are designed to stand out among their competitors. The paint used in the item is easy to clean. So, you can wipe it out after use with the help of a clean cloth. This relieves you from the concerns of exerting additional effort to deal with the aftermath.

6 Venom Blowguns Paintballs

Venom Blowguns Paintballs

Venom Blowguns Paintballs are our ultimate recommendation for slingshots and blowguns. The reason for this is the remarkable precision offered by the system. Thus, you do not need to worry about missing the shot or ball cracking in mid-air (that is the concern of most users).

We highly admire the beautiful colors used to paint these items. This makes them visible from a great distance and decreases the uncertainty during competitions. During the trial sessions, we observed that the balls are not prone to breakage or cracking even when handled roughly.

This is attributed to the durable outer layer of the ball, which protects it from accidental harm. The exterior is also weather-resistant and will not affect the unit due to extreme environmental conditions such as rain or high temperature. Thereby improving its performance in the long term.

  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • Attractive
  • Not standard caliber

Venom Blowguns Paintballs are available in bright colors that can easily grab your attention from far. 100 balls are included in the package and are placed carefully to prevent collision between them. This protects them from breaking apart during shipping and improves the overall quality of the system.

7 Rubber Solid Paintballs

Rubber Solid Paintballs

Rubber Solid Paintballs are different from their previously mentioned competitors and are made up of TPU rubber material. Thus, they possess extreme strength and are environment-friendly in nature. You can also use them in a variety of weather conditions without worrying about breakage or cracking.

The use of rubber while constructing the item allows you to reuse them for a long time. You just need to clean the ball by washing it, and it will become new again. Similarly, the well-designed exterior with a smooth surface ensures perfect shooting abilities and exceptional precision during the process.

Last but not least, the ball is compatible with .68 caliber barrels and does not break inside the paint gun or in mid-air. So, you can be relieved from the worries of paint spillage, as in the case of other non-rubber balls. Hence, increasing their versatility and improving performance in the long term.

  • Flexibility
  • Oil resistance
  • Long-lasting
  • Not for non-porous items

Rubber Solid Paintballs are highly popular among consumers of wide skill and age backgrounds. These units are not associated with any quality or performance inefficiency and are better than their nylon and graffiti counterparts. So, you should consider them as a potential option if you prefer cost-efficient and reusable paintballs.

Factors to Consider While Looking for the Best Paintballs in 2022


First and foremost, caliber is of great importance while purchasing a paintball. Paintballs are chambered inside a marker before shooting. Using the imperfect size might lead to clogging or jamming of the ball inside the compartment. This not only negatively impacts the performance of the paint gun but might also lead to the breakage of the ball in mid-air. Caliber is the diameter of the projectile, and the most standard units are compatible with .68 caliber barrels.


Durability is another factor that must not be neglected while buying a paintball. The outer shell should be sturdy enough to withstand the impact after an accidental fall. Furthermore, it should also be capable of protecting itself from cracking due to collision while shipping. Most of the pain guns break down during shipping which might cause paint to flow out and can cover the surface of other balls.

This becomes troublesome for the majority of the consumers as they have to clean all the balls after spillage, which might take a long time. So, we strongly advise looking for objects that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including intense heat and rain. However, you might have to spare additional dollars for this purpose.


Next up, safety shall not be compromised while buying a new product, and paintballs are no exception. These objects are generally not harmful by themselves. However, they travel at extremely fast speeds when shot using a paint gun. So, you should wear protective equipment to protect yourself against any harm or injury. It is advised to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while using these items to prevent accidental mishaps and achieve the desired results.

Shooting Efficiency

Apart from the above-mentioned elements, shooting efficiency also matters a lot. You should always search for fine and high-quality balls that are not prone to damage. High-quality balls perform efficiently in terms of shooting. However, it might require a lot of time and investment to look for a suitable product.

Thus, we recommend analyzing all the features and specifications before making a decision. Beware, low-quality substances might be cost-efficient, but they are prone to breakage and might impact your overall performance to a great extent. Thus, you should always go for durable and efficient substances.


As discussed earlier, the majority of the graffiti paintballs often break during the shipping process, which can create a lot of mess inside the box. Cleaning up all the paints and isolating the unharmed balls becomes extremely difficult for users in this regard. You should search for units that have a strong outer shell and are packaged using cardboard dividends.

These activities lower the collision between individual components and reduce the chance of spillage in the long term. Thus, relieving you from the trouble of cleaning the residual paint. In addition to this, paints that are easy to wipe off should be preferred. You can simply wipe off such paint from the target site with the help of a clean cloth and disinfectant for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can save money by buying cheap paintballs. Should I do that?

Price has nothing to do with the quality of the product. There are many objects available in the market that are highly expensive but poor in quality and construction. It is definitely not a wise choice to invest in such materials. So, you should look for performance-oriented yet budget-friendly balls to get the best of both worlds.

How many paintballs do I need?

The amount of paintballs required by an individual varies greatly with the playstyle and the markers used in the paint gun. Usually, it is advised to go for around 500 balls per person during shooting competitions to prevent shortages and maximize performance efficiency.

Can I use paintballs in a slingshot?

Yes, paintballs can be used in a slingshot. However, the accuracy and compatibility vary with the product. You should look for the specifications of a particular object and its compatibility with a slingshot. You can also contact the manufacturer to cross-check. Some manufacturers do not allow the use of slingshot because of its inability to form a chronograph.

Wrapping Up

Paintballs are highly popular among consumers because of their enhanced versatility, low maintenance, durability outer shell, weather resistance, and remarkable accuracy. Based on these factors, the following products are best among their counterparts.

  • Rubber Solid Paintballs for environmental-friendliness, oil and water resistance, reusability, smooth exterior, and cost-efficiency.
  • Valken Graffiti Paintballs because of exceptional accuracy, maximum visibility, weather-resistance, enhanced versatility, and durable outlook.
  • Loader Basic Training Paintballs due to remarkable precision, vibrant colors, eye-catching exterior, and budget-friendliness.

Therefore, they are ideal for those searching for the best paintballs in 2022.