Paintball Tips

Paintball Tips

Do you think you are ready to play paintball because you can handle a paintball marker and are not afraid to go battle it out in the field? Or are you frustrated and deterred by the constant series of losses in the game? In the case of the first scenario, I don’t like to break it to you, but you are wrong if you think handling the gun and not fearing is enough to win or even last in combat. If the second scenario is the reason you have landed here, then don’t lose confidence just yet.

Let me make it clear to you what paintball is not all about. It’s not just about using and handling the weapon, not about firing to your heart’s content, and not only about facing the enemy fearlessly either. There are a number of important tricks and tips you need to practice to win a game. Those that don’t grab thought instantly when it comes to paintball but can be learned either through experience or after careful and smart thinking. Below are the 5 best paintball tips that are extremely important to winning the game. Go through them, and you might even recognize not following some of them as the reason for your defeat.

Best Paintball Tips

1 Adjust the Goggles Properly

The paintball goggles have the dual purpose of protecting your face, ears, and eyes while also giving you a clear view of the field. It’s important to adjust them the right way so they can serve both of these purposes properly. Fogged lenses of your goggles will give you a hard time getting your shots accurate. Use the anti-fog mask to avoid your vision from getting blurred. Set the strap of the goggles higher on the back of the head for the goggles to fit comfortably and securely. That way, the inner foam will sit tight on your face without leaving any gaps in between, eliminating the chances of your breath fogging up the lens.

2 Choose Equipment With the Right Weight

While buying the equipment, also consider its weight. You will find a hard time moving around in the field with heavier equipment. Choose the equipment that you are comfortable with and easy while carrying. Keep in mind the duration of the game; even if the equipment is comfortable to carry at first, it can be difficult to handle for a long time.

3 Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Gas

Paintball markers are powered by compressed CO2 gas; the paintballs are fired with pressure and velocity due to the gas. Normally, every paintball gun contains 20 ounces of gas in its tank, which is enough to fire 800 shots. When your gun gets short on the supply of gas, the velocity of the shots decreases. In most cases, this much amount of gas is enough for a match; you are very unlikely to run out of supply.

The common mistake that most people do is to keep dry, firing the gun-pulling the trigger without any bullets inside-forgetting or not knowing that the gun still loses the gas. This results in your paintball marker running out of gas in the middle of the game. So, avoid dry firing the gun, and if you feel that your gun is losing pressure and velocity, get your gun checked and, if needed, get a new gas-filled tank.

4 Using Cover

A paintball field is full of bushes, stacks of tires, and trees; use them for cover from the opponent. The size of these things is important, of course, to cover your body completely. But the way you hide behind them is also important; use the cover wisely. Even your feet showing behind the cover is enough to get you eliminated, so cover yourself completely.

You have to keep moving in the field; standing or firing exposed in the field will get you shot, only stop to take cover. Even when you are firing, don’t expose yourself more than what’s absolutely required. When you need to reload your gun, shout “reloading! cover me!” to your teammates for them to give you cover. Don’t be too loud, though, so your opponents won’t hear you and take advantage.

5 Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Clear communication is crucial between teammates for efficient teamwork, and effective communication is one that is clear, so, no, don’t try to set and use a codded communication. The idea might be tempting and seem so cool at first, but when the situation gets rushed and urgent, it will not work. The players will get panicked and would have forgotten complex coded signals already.

So, talk loud and clear with your teammates. Frequent and good communication is important for effective teamwork, which is the key to get you on the winning side. Talk to each other about the strategies, plans, enemy’s weak points, in case any of you needs help, and other such important things. And talk simple and clear.


How long will 100 paintballs last?

On average, a player uses 100 paintballs in about 30 minutes and about 200 paintballs in an hour of the game. The number of paintballs that you will require ultimately depends on your game, though, how you want to play. If you are playing aggressively, you will need 100 more, and if you want to go with the stealth strategy or not going so aggressive, you will need lesser than average.

What is the most important rule in paintball?

The most important rule in paintball is safety! Nothing goes beyond that. Before planning any strategy or practicing any tricks, make sure you follow all the safety rules. Wear goggles and never remove them in the middle of the game. If you are eliminated, raise your hands over your head and leave the field quickly, don’t remove your paintball mask until you are away from the field. Don’t violate any other safety protocol!

What is the goal in paintball?

There is no one established goal or objective that every paintball game has to follow. There are a number of objectives for paintball from which a game chooses and sets one. Normally, the goals to choose from are to capture the flag, eliminating the opponents, attacking or defending some specific area, and some others.


Paintball is not about just firing and getting all intense and aggressive; it requires strategy, planning, and thinking smartly. The above paintball tips and tricks are bound to get you and your team to emerge victoriously. Make sure you follow the tactics. You might never have thought of some of them, but these might be the reasons you are constantly losing games. So, don’t forget them the next time you head into the field; make sure your teammates know all of them too. And I’m sure there’s nothing to hold you back from winning.